The history of the cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is already emerging in our daily transactions. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset found in the crypto world that many refer to as “digital gold”. But what is really cryptocurrency? You must be wondering. This is a digital asset intended to be used as a medium of exchange. This is clearly a near alternative to […]

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an undeniably resourceful invention that is practically revolutionizing the global business market. Its evolution has brought greater good, not only for businesses, but also for its customers. But since it is a revelation to the world, the vision of its operational activities is still unclear. The main question that comes to everyone’s mind […]

Blockchain for the Internet of Things in Business

A new horizon in the framework of data sharing Blockchain is a shared distributed database for a peer-to-peer transaction. The core of this technology is Bitcoin – a digitally encrypted wallet for transaction control and payment system that was introduced in 2009. This transaction management system is decentralized and generally works without any intermediary. These […]

How Blockchain is changing corporate giving

Blockchain refers to a public ledger technology in which each cryptocurrency transaction is digitally signed to authenticate and ensure that the information in it is not mixed. As such, operations recorded on the blockchain and the book itself are considered the highest level of integrity. In the early days of cryptocurrency, people thought blockchain was […]

Book Review of Economics – The Rise of Money, The Financial History of the World, by Niall Ferguson

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is mainly used as a transaction medium to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional assets, and verify any transfers of assets using strong cryptographic technology. It is also known as a form of digital currency or virtual currency. Unlike a central banking system, it is a decentralized […]

Nano Coin compared to Nexty Coin – Crypto

Nano and Nexty: Are These Cash Alternatives Real and Practical? Let’s find out! Blockchain isn’t the talk of a paper geek anymore! Bitcoin revolutionized the way many of us saw currencies, ledgers, money transfers, and transactions. The beauty of all virtual currencies is that almost every one of them attempts to address an issue. And […]

Are you planning to trade Monero cryptocurrency? Here’s the basics to get you started

One of the basic regulations of blockchain technology is to provide users with unwavering privacy. Bitcoin was the first ever decentralized cryptocurrency to rely on this premise to market to a wider audience that then needed a virtual currency without government interference. Unfortunately, Bitcoin has proven to be fraught with several weaknesses along the way, […]

Digital currency

Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is digital currency. Also called virtual currency. It is a digital asset that deals with its transactions using encryption, uses encryption in an impenetrable manner and confirms transactions. In many countries, cryptocurrencies are used as alternative currencies. Bitcoin was added in 2009 as the first decentralized cryptocurrency. After that, many different cryptocurrencies appeared […]

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency (Saxon cryptocurrency) is a virtual currency used to exchange goods and services through an electronic transaction system without having to go through an intermediary. The first cryptocurrency to start trading was Bitcoin in 2009, and many others have emerged since then, with other features such as Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and others. […]